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Securities on service at NSD as at 17.08.2018
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NSD codeIssuer / IF / Mortgage poolSecurities typeRegistration NumberStateOnly to qualified investors View
RU000A0JV5E4 mortgage certificate 0030 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JUP71 mortgage certificate 0016 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JUBX3 mortgage certificate 0004 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JUW49 mortgage certificate 0024 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JUTA3 mortgage certificate 0025 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JV854 mortgage certificate 0027 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JVZX0 mortgage certificate 0062 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JUGA0 mortgage certificate 0007 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JUU74 mortgage certificate 0019 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JTTG2 NOTA-Bank bonds 4B020302913B Размещен No Go
RU000A0JU7P7 NOTA-Bank bonds 4B020102913B Размещен No Go
RU000A0JVGL5 NOTA-Bank bonds 4B020402913B Размещен No Go
XS0795156719 OIM ABS Limited bonds Размещен Yes Go
XS0974159351 OIM ABS Limited bonds Размещен Yes Go
RU000A0JUQZ6 mortgage certificate 0011 Размещен No Go
RU000A0JQ8X5 SDM-Bank PJSC shares 10101637B Размещен No Go
RU000A0JQ8Y3 SDM-Bank PJSC shares 20101637B Размещен No Go
RU000A0ZYWE7 "Timer Bank" (PJSC) shares 10501581B Размещен No Go
RU000A0ZYWG2 "Timer Bank" (PJSC) shares 20301581B Размещен No Go
RU000A0JSDQ7 ORGKHIM BCH Management Company, JSC shares 1-01-17095-P Размещен No Go

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