Legal Information

National Settlement Depository (NSD) is the central securities depository of the Russian Federation.

The status of central securities depository was assigned to NSD by the Russian Federal Financial Markets Service’s order No. 12-2761/PZ-I on 6 November 2012.

NSD holds professional securities market participant license #045-12042-000100 for depository operations issued by the FFMS of Russia on 19 February 2009, and license #3294 for bank operations issued by the Bank of Russia on 4 August 2016.

The license № 045-00004-000010 for the clearing activity was issued by the FFMS of Russia on 20 December 2012.

Registered office: 12, Spartakovskaya St., Moscow, Russia.

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The above web sites and all of their contents are protected in accordance with the Russian and international intellectual property laws. Any usage or reproduction of any part of the content and/or source code of the web sites without NSD’s written consent is an infringement of intellectual property rights and entails liability under the law. The following objects without any exceptions are considered as protected intellectual property: html, css, js, xml, csv, zip, jpg, json, and png files, codes, page titles and tags, text, content, graphic images, links and visual content of the web pages. Protection also covers algorithms and software, style and structure of web site pages, audio and video files, composite and other works, database contents, and other intellectual property protected in accordance with the copyright laws of the Russian Federation.

Unauthorized copying and reproduction of any intellectual property shall constitute an infringement of NSD’s rights, regardless of whether such copying or reproduction is done for sale, free distribution, or personal usage, and regardless of whether the infringer is aware of his liability, unless web site materials are used for providing information to NSD’s Trade Repository in accordance with the current laws of the Russian Federation and NSD’s Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Repository Services.

Unauthorized usage of these web sites’ content protected by the intellectual property laws, any alteration of web sites’ content for personal usage and/or posting such content on any other web site shall also constitute an infringement of NSD’s rights.

Any infringement of the above rights will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. In addition to criminal and civil prosecution, NSD reserves the right to submit, without prior notice, written claims to network providers, clients and partners of any web site that contains derivative or copied materials . NSD also reserves the right to report such infringing web sites to leading search engine providers to demand that they delete links to such web sites from search results