1. Securities profiles ("Securities Profiles") available in the 'Reference Books' section of the web site (the "Web Site") allow a person who has complied with the terms and conditions set out in paragraph 4 of this User Agreement to receive information concerning securities issues being serviced by NSD, as well as other information relating to the relevant securities ("Information").

2. NSD makes Securities Profiles available for use subject to the terms and conditions of this User Agreement constituting an accession agreement within the meaning of Article 428 of the Russian Civil Code.

3. Any person interested in receiving Information can become a user.

4. A person who has accepted the terms and conditions of this User Agreement and registered himself/herself via the Moscow Exchange Group's common authentication system at (subject to the provision of complete and accurate information requested upon registration) shall become a User and get access to Securities Profiles.

5. NSD may amend this User Agreement, in which case NSD will give notice to the User by posting the amended User Agreement on the Web Site ten (10) days before its effective date. By continuing to use Securities Profiles after the effective date of the amended User Agreement, the User shall be deemed to have accepted the amended User Agreement.

6. By acceding to this User Agreement, the User gives his/her consent to the processing by NSD of his/her personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Regulations (available in Russian only) posted on NSD's official web site at, for the purposes of Web Site management and statistical and analytical purposes.

7. The Web Site is a composite work within the meaning of Article 1260 of the Russian Civil Code and is exclusively owned by NSD.

8. The User may use Information for reference only.

9. The User may not use Information for commercial purposes and/or for its distribution to third parties.

10. NSD may, at its own discretion, change the structure of Securities Profiles and the contents and scope of any information posted.

11. The User shall be required to use an Internet-enabled PC/mobile device scanned for viruses to make sure it does not contain any viruses, with licensed software installed.

12. The User shall not make anything that may result in a Web Site malfunction, including anything resulting in an increased load on the Web Site, and shall not perform automated data processing.

13. Securities Profiles are available to the User without any time restrictions. If the User cannot get access to Securities Profiles, the User may give notice to NSD by sending a message in any form at

14. NSD shall not be liable for inaccuracy of any Information provided to NSD by third parties, for any consequences of the usage of Information, as well as if the User cannot get access to any Information as a result of any disruption or malfunction of the Web Site.

15. The User shall be liable for failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this User Agreement.

16. Where the User fails to comply with any terms and conditions of this User Agreement, NSD may discontinue the User's access to the Web Site.

17. Any and all disputes that may arise between NSD and the User shall be resolved in negotiations.

User Agreement version dated 13.09.2018.