Estimated date - the date calculated based on issue documents or set out expressly (weekends and public holidays excluded).

Scheduled date - the estimated date corrected in accordance with the calendar:
  • for Russian securities – taking into account the calendar of work days and holidays;
  • for foreign securities – taking into account business days.

Release profile - Bond

Issuer Name Issue Name
PJSC Asian-Pacific Bank PJSC ASIAN - PACIFIC BANK VAR 19/02/16

Information on the issuer
NSD CodeMC0285500000
Full namePublic joint stock company Asian-Pacific Bank
All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations09272303
Country of IncorporationРОССИЯ
Registered address675000, Российская Федерация, Амурская область, г. Благовещенск, ул. Амурская, д. 225
LEI code253400107RVERSM1FX70
Issuer's country code according to the All-Russian Classifier of Countries of the World (for reporting to the Bank of Russia)643
Authorised capital1.00
Information on the record in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities 
Primary state registration number (OGRN)1022800000079
Date of record in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities2002-08-22
Tax authorityУправление Министерства Российской Федерации по налогам и сборам по Амурской области
Information on the state registration of the legal entity 
Registration number1810
Date of state registration1992-02-14
Registration authorityЦентральный банк Российской Федерации

Information on the securities issue
NSD CodeRU000A0JTN43
Registrar codeNDC000000000
Head DepositoryNational Settlement Depository
Issue Formbearer
Issuer Full NamePJSC ASIAN - PACIFIC BANK VAR 19/02/16
Included in the Lombard list of the Bank of RussiaNo
Qualified InvestorsNo
Bank of Russia’s classificationBON3
Nominal value (in the nominal currency)1000.00
Face value0
Maturity date (Estimated/Scheduled) [?]2016-02-19
State Registration Number4B020101810B
State Registration Date2012-10-24
Registration AuthorityClosed joint-stock company "MICEX Stock Exchange"
Current status of Report/Notification on issue resultsЗарегистрирован/Предоставлен
Record date of Report/Notification on issue results2013-02-19
Placement сommencement date2013-02-19
Placement end date2013-02-19

Volume of the issue
  Number of securities in the issue (items) Volume of the issue at par Volume of the issue for the outstanding amount
Declared securities 3 000 000 3 000 000 000.000
Placed securities 3 000 000 3 000 000 000.000
Placed securities including additional issues 3 000 000 3 000 000 000.000
Redeemed securities000
Securities in circulation including additional issues and taking into account redeemed securities 3 000 000 3 000 000 000.000


General information on coupons

Corporate actionINTR Выплата купонного дохода
Coupon typeс переменной ставкой
Number of coupons6
Frequency of coupon paymentПолугодовой
Method of coupon income calculationA/365

Information on current and previous coupons

ParameterCurrent couponPrevious coupon
CA ref (INTR)103520
CA statusСостоялось
Payment Date2016-02-19 (расч./план.)*
Record Date2016-02-18 (расч./план.)*
Interest coupon rate (% per annum)12
Interest Payment Amount per security (in payment currency)60.49
Payment CurrencyRUB
Interest Payout Amount per security (in payment currency)60.49
Payout CurrencyRUB


Circulation period (in days): 1095

Redemption type Redemption number Payment date Record date Blocking date Redemption amount of the nominal value in percent per annum Redemption amount of the nominal value (in payment currency) Payment Currency Redemption type CA ref CA status CA reference (PRII)
REDM/BN 2016-02-19
100.00 1 000.00 RUB Погашение облигаций 103514 Состоялось

Issue documents
Тип документа Наименование файла Размер документа / файла Дата регистрации документа Номер регистрации документа
  Решение о выпуске ценных бумаг 120982 8.42 MB 22.02.2013 11-02-06/450

Places of safekeeping
Securities code in the current place of safekeeping Place of safekeeping Primary place of safekeeping

Trading platforms
Exchange Level of quotation list Securities code used by the exchange Trading and clearing system
ПАО Московская Биржа RU000A0JTN43 НКЦ. Расчеты в валюте РФ

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