(BIDS) Notification on Corporate Action "Repurchase Offer/ Issuer Bid/ Reverse Rights" for PJSC "Orsknefteorgsintez" ITN 5615002700 (shares 1-01-02180-E / ISIN RU0008111794)

Corporate Action Information
Corporate Action Reference 789488
Corporate Action Type Code BIDS
Corporate Action Type Repurchase Offer/ Issuer Bid/ Reverse Rights
Record Date 20 feb 2023
Offeror Public Joint Stock Company "Orsknefteorgsintez"
Law Article 75-76

Security Details
Corporate Action Security Reference Issuer Registration Number Date of Registration Сategory NSD Code ISIN Registar
789488X9708 PJSC "Orsknefteorgsintez" 1-01-02180-E 12 april 2004 ordinary shares RU0008111794 RU0008111794 AO "Servis-Reyestr"

Corporate Action Details
Action Period from 18 march 2023 to 02 may 2023
Market Deadline 02 may 2023
Response Deadline Date 28 april 2023 20:00
Date of transaction in shareholder register 01 june 2023

Corporate Action Security Details
Security NSD Code RU0008111794
Offer price 2377 RUB

Linked Corporate Actions
Corporate Action Type Code Corporate Action Reference
XMET 778802

Hereby we inform you that NDC received information provided by the issuer of securities in accordance with CBRF Regulation No. 751-P of January 1, 2021 "On the list of information concerning the implementation of the rights of securities provided by issuers to the central depository, the order and its times provisions, and also about requirements to the order of providing the access to such information by the central depository"

9.4 Information on the right of shareholders who hold certain categories (types) of shares to demand that the issuer repurchase their shares

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