(CHAN) Notification on Corporate Action "Change - Interest Rate fixing for coupons" for Safmar Retail ITN 7710971497 (bonds 4CDE-01-00493-R-001P / ISIN RU000A102424)

Corporate Action Information
Corporate Action Reference 615340
Corporate Action Type Code CHAN
Corporate Action Type Change - Interest Rate fixing for coupons
Earlier payment date 26 july 2021

Security Details
Corporate Action Security Reference Issuer Registration Number Date of Registration Сategory NSD Code ISIN Nominal value Current Nominal value Nominal Currency
615340X58668 Safmar Retail 4CDE-01-00493-R-001P 08 sep 2020 bonds RU000A102424 RU000A102424 1000 1000 RUB

Interest Payment
Coupon number Interest payment date Record date Interest rate (% per annum) Interest Payment Amount per 1 item in Currency of payment Currency of payment
Calculated Planned
3 13 dec 2021 13 dec 2021 10 dec 2021 9.90000 48.47000 RUB

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