(DSCL) Information disclosure for CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (bonds issue RU000A100KT3)

Corporate Action Information
Corporate Action Reference 591755
Corporate Action Type Code DSCL
Corporate Action Type Disclosure
Corporate Action Date May 25, 2021
Record Date and Time May 05, 2021 (end of operation day)
Disclosure Reason The issuer`s order in accordance with the article 8.6-1 of the Federal Law of Russia No. 39-FZ - 22.04.1996.

Security Details (Bond Details)
Issuer Registration Number Date of Registration ISIN/NSD Code Nominal Unredeemed Principal per item Nominal Currency
CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY) 4B020301978B001P July 05, 2019 RU000A100KT3 1 000.0000 1 000.0000 RUB

End date of receiving Information till 17:00May 24, 2021

In accordance with the Tax Code of Russian Federation   (part I) No. 146-FZ - 31.07.1998. The details of the persons on whose behalf the rights attached to the securities are exercised have to be disclosed to NSD using the code NDC000KDI000.

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