(DSCL) Information disclosure for JSC ONEGA SAWMILLS (shares issue RU000A0JWBR1)

Corporate Action Information
Corporate Action Reference 486611
Corporate Action Type Code DSCL
Corporate Action Type Disclosure
Corporate Action Date April 03, 2020
Record Date and Time April 03, 2020 (end of operation day)
Disclosure Reason The registrar`s order based the issuer`s requirement in accordance with the article 8.6-1 of the Federal Law of Russia No. 39-FZ - 22.04.1996.

Security Details (Share Details)
Issuer Registration Number Date of Registration Сategory ISIN/NSD Code CA Security Reference Registrar
JSC ONEGA SAWMILLS 1-02-01739-D July 16, 1996 ordinary shares RU000A0JWBR1 / OLDK/02 486611X27191 "REESTR"

End date of receiving Information till 17:00April 21, 2020

In accordance with the article 30 of the Federal Law of Russia No. 39-FZ - 22.04.1996

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