(MEET) Notification on Corporate Action "Annual General Meeting" for ZAO "TABUNSKIY ELEVATOR" ITN 2276004246 (shares 1-01-27832-N / ISIN RU000A0ZYMG3, 1-01-27832-N / ISIN RU000A0ZYMG3, 2-01-27832-N / ISIN RU000A0ZYMH1)

Corporate Action Details
Corporate Action Reference 403619
Corporate Action Type Code MEET
Corporate Action Type Annual General Meeting
Planned Corporate Action Date 12 april 2019 17:00
Record Date 22 march 2019
Meeting Form in the form of meeting
Meeting Location Алтайский край Табунский район с.Табуны ул. Московская, 1

Security Details
Corporate Action Security Reference Issuer State registration Number State registration Date Сategory NSD Code ISIN Registar Denominator for fractional issue
403619X37779 ZAO "TABUNSKIY ELEVATOR" 1-01-27832-N 14 aug 2006 ordinary shares RU000A0ZYMG3 RU000A0ZYMG3 JSC "RT-Registrar"
403619X37782 ZAO "TABUNSKIY ELEVATOR" 2-01-27832-N 14 aug 2006 preferred shares type A RU000A0ZYMH1 RU000A0ZYMH1 JSC "RT-Registrar"
403619X38512 ZAO "TABUNSKIY ELEVATOR" 1-01-27832-N 14 aug 2006 ordinary shares TABE/DR RU000A0ZYMG3 JSC "RT-Registrar" 100

понедельник - пятница, начиная с 22 марта 2019 г. с 09-00 до 16-00 по местному времени

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