(REDM) Notification on Corporate Action "Principal repayment" for "Credit Europe Bank Ltd." ITN 7705148464 (bonds 4B021503311B / ISIN RU000A0JVRQ1)

Corporate Action Details
Corporate Action Reference 201128
Corporate Action Type Code REDM
Corporate Action Type Principal repayment
Value date 14 sep 2018
Payment Date 14 sep 2018
Record Date 13 sep 2018

Security Details
Issuer State registration Number State registration Date Сategory NSD Code ISIN Nominal value Current Nominal value Nominal Currency
"Credit Europe Bank Ltd." 4B021503311B 28 nov 2013 bonds RU000A0JVRQ1 RU000A0JVRQ1 1000 0 RUB

Redemption Details
Redeemable part in % 100 %
Redeemable amount in Payment Сurrency 1000
Payment Currency RUB

12.6. On the fulfillment by the issuer of the obligation to pay cash for repayment, partial repayment of bonds and (or) payment of interest (coupon) yield on bonds.

We hereby inform you that NDC received information provided by the issuer of securities in accordance with CBRF Regulation No. 546-P of June 1, 2016 "On the list of information related to the exercise of securities rights granted by issuers to the Central Depository, the procedure and terms of its Provision, as well as the requirements for the procedure for providing the Central Depository with access to such information."

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