(OTHR) Notification Corporate Action "Other event" - AK BARS - ZEMEL'NIY FOND UNIT (units 0379-75408813/RU000A0JPZN3)

Corporate Action Information
Corporate Action Reference 325281
Corporate Action Type Code OTHR
Corporate Action Type Other event

Security Details
Corporate Action Security Reference Fund Name Management Company State registration Number of the UIF Rule State registration Date Сategory Fund Type NSD Code / ISIN Registrar
325281S4825 AK BARS - ZEMEL'NIY FOND UNIT "AK BARS CAPITAL Asset Management" LTD 0379-75408813 04 aug 2005 units closed-end unit investment fund RU000A0JPZN3 ZAO "PRSD"

Подтип не определен

On admission to the NSD changes and amendments to the Rules for determining the net assets of ZPIF "AK Bars-Land Fund".

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