(REDM) Notification on past Corporate Action "Redemption of an entire unit investment fund" - GOSTINICHNYY KOMPLEKS UNIT (units 1313-94148401/RU000A0JQKU8)

Corporate Action Details
Corporate Action Reference 231320
Corporate Action Type Code REDM
Corporate Action Type Redemption of an entire unit investment fund
Record Date 06 may 2016

Security Details
Corporate Action Security Reference Fund Name Management Company State registration Number of the UIF Rule State registration Date Сategory Fund Type NSD Code / ISIN Registrar
231320S5366 GOSTINICHNYY KOMPLEKS UNIT KOLLEKTIVNIYE INVESTITSII, UK 1313-94148401 20 nov 2008 units closed-end unit investment fund RU000A0JQKU8 "REGION DC"

Corporate Action Details
Date of transaction in shareholder register 27 dec 2017
Date of transaction in NSD 27 dec 2017

Linked Corporate Actions
Corporate Action Type Code Corporate Action Reference
DSCL 231319

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