(INTR) Notification on oncoming Corporate Action "Interest Payment" for HC Finance LLC ITN 7743889590 (bonds 4B02-01-36426-R-001P/RU000A0JX3X7)

Corporate Action Details
Corporate Action Reference 265732
Corporate Action Type Code INTR
Corporate Action Type Interest Payment
Earlier payment date 28 dec 2017
Payment Date 28 dec 2017
Record Date 27 dec 2017

Security Details
Issuer State registration Number State registration Date Сategory NSD Code ISIN Nominal value Current Nominal value Nominal Currency
HC Finance LLC 4B02-01-36426-R-001P 26 dec 2016 bonds RU000A0JX3X7 RU000A0JX3X7 1000 1000 RUB

Interest Payment Details
Interest coupon rate (% per annum) 13.5
Interest Payment Amount, RUB 67.32
Payment Currency RUB
Start Date of Interest Period 29 june 2017
End Date of Interest Period 28 dec 2017
Number of Days in period 182

12.6. Regarding executing the duty to pay out money to redeem bonds, fully or partly, and (or) paying out interest.

We hereby inform you that NDC received information provided by the issuer of securities in accordance with CBRF Regulation No. 546-P of June 1, 2016 "On the list of information related to the exercise of securities rights granted by issuers to the Central Depository, the procedure and terms of its Provision, as well as the requirements for the procedure for providing the Central Depository with access to such information."

If you have any questions related to this communication, please contact your account managers at NSD by telephone: +7 495 956-27-90 or +7 495 956-27-91.

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