(DSCL) Information disclosure for JSC "UIEP"(shares issue RU000A0JRCK4, RU000A0JRCL2)

Corporate Action Information
Corporate Action Reference 935888
Corporate Action Type Code DSCL
Corporate Action Type Disclosure
Corporate Action Date June 25, 2024
Record Date and Time June 21, 2024 (end of operation day)

Laws-in-place code: Disclosure of details of persons to enable the issuer (or a party liable on securities) to perform its duties provided for by federal laws (Article 8.6 of Federal Law "On the Securities Market")

Security Details (Share Details)
Issuer Registration Number Date of Registration Сategory ISIN/NSD Code CA Security Reference Registrar
Joint Stock Company "Ural instrument engineering plant" 1-02-31405-D January 31, 2002 ordinary shares RU000A0JRCK4 935888X13434 Joint Stock Company "RT-Registrar"
Joint Stock Company "Ural instrument engineering plant" 2-02-31405-D January 31, 2002 preferred type A shares RU000A0JRCL2 935888X13436 Joint Stock Company "RT-Registrar"

End date of receiving Information till 17:00June 24, 2024

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