(DVCA) Notification on Corporate Action "Cash Dividend" - SIREN NASDAQ NXGEN ECONOMY ETF IF SHS (IF shares ISIN US8296582021)

Corporate Action Information
Corporate Action Reference 884812
Corporate Action Type Code DVCA
Corporate Action Type Cash Dividend
Mandatory indicator MAND Mandatory
Value date 24 june 2024

Security Details
Corporate Action Security Reference Management Company Security Name Fund Type NSD Code ISIN
884812S24853 SRN Advisors, LLC SIREN NASDAQ NXGEN ECONOMY ETF IF SHS open-end investment fund US8296582021 US8296582021

Corporate Action Details
Record Date 21 june 2024
Ex-Dividend or Distribution Date/Time 21 june 2024

Linked Corporate Actions
Corporate Action Type Code Corporate Action Reference Corporate Action Security Reference
WTRC 884815 884815S24853

National Settlement Depository (NSD) notifies that the additional information regarding Cash Dividend has been received from International Settlement and Clearing Organization.
Event details has been changed.
Detailed information regarding this corporate action event will be provided to holders who have balances of these securities on their safekeeping accounts with NSD.

If you have any questions related to this communication, please contact your account managers at NSD by telephone: +7 495 956-27-90 or +7 495 956-27-91.

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