GOLDMAN SACHS INTERNATIONAL corporate bonds (XS1934940302): NSD ceased to service this issue

Issue Details
Date of cessation February 21, 2024
Issuer Taxpayer Identification Number 9909117323
Security Type corporate bonds
Security Name GOLDMAN SACHS INTER 14/02/24
ISIN / NSD Code XS1934940302
Date of Placement February 14, 2019
Face Value 1 000.00
Currency USD
Number of Securities in the Issue (in items) 5 000
Maturity Date February 14, 2024
Duration (in days) 1826
Head Depository EUROCLEAR

If you have any questions related to this communication, please contact your account managers at NSD by telephone: +7 495 956-27-90 or +7 495 956-27-91.

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