VTB Bank (PJSC) corporate bonds (6-427-01000-B-001P): NSD ceased to service this issue

Issue Details
Date of cessation September 21, 2023
Issuer VTB Bank (Public Joint-Stock Company)
Issuer Taxpayer Identification Number 7702070139
Security Type corporate bonds
Registration Number 6-427-01000-B-001P
Date of Registration February 20, 2023
ISIN / NSD Code RU000A0NX1J4
Date of Placement March 22, 2023
Face Value 1 000.00
Currency RUB
Number of Securities in the Issue (in items) 213 192
Date of Redemption before Maturity September 20, 2023
Maturity Date March 20, 2024
Duration (in days) 364
Number of Coupons 1
Head Depository National Settlement Depository

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