(BMET) Notification on Corporate Action "Bond Holder Meeting" for OOO "SFO Akkord Finans" ITN 9715329167 (bonds 4-02-00536-R / ISIN RU000A101F37)

Corporate Action Details
Corporate Action Reference 845335
Corporate Action Type Code BMET
Corporate Action Type Bond Holder Meeting
Planned Corporate Action Date 06 oct 2023
Record Date 26 sep 2023
Meeting Form in the form of voting in absentia

Security Details
Corporate Action Security Reference Issuer Registration Number Date of Registration Сategory NSD Code ISIN Nominal value Current Nominal value Nominal Currency
845335X54508 OOO "SFO Akkord Finans" 4-02-00536-R 23 jan 2020 bonds RU000A101F37 RU000A101F37 1000 1000 RUB

Hereby we inform you that NDC received information provided by the issuer of securities in accordance with CBRF Regulation No. 751-P of January 1, 2021 "On the list of information concerning the implementation of the rights of securities provided by issuers to the central depository, the order and its times provisions, and also about requirements to the order of providing the access to such information by the central depository"

19.2 Information on the general meeting of bond holders

The information regarding general meeting of bondholders has been received by NSD EDI. In order to inform legal entities and individuals entitled to participate in the corporate action event, the received information will be sent to the deponents, who has balances on the record date of the event in the owner, nominee or beneficial owner safekeeping accounts.
In case of inability of receipt of the information via NSD EDI system deponents can receive the information at the NSD office.

NSD shall not be liable for completeness and/or accuracy of information provided by the third parties.

If you have any questions related to this communication, please contact your account managers at NSD by telephone: +7 495 956-27-90 or +7 495 956-27-91.

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